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Area(s) of Expertise
Expanded Biography
Caren Bailey 
Change, account, event and turnaround management; Business strategy; Service delivery; Governance; Strategic planning and marketing; Administration; Accounting; Web and graphic design; Animal identification  
Maria Bannister 
Training delivery; Leadership development; Workshops; Committee work  
Eric Barale 
Training; Coaching; Strategic assessment and planning; Fine cuisine; Labor relations; Talent management; Process management; Performance management; Patisserie; Hospitality management; Inventory management; MS Office Suite; Cross-functional team building; Catering; Time management; Vendor relations; Restaurant management; Organizational management; Business administration  
James "Jim" Barentine 
Working with numbers; Interpreting legal documents and contracts; Promoting the services of the company; Serving as a direct liaison with member entities throughout southern NM; Assisting with cooperative government procurement; Addressing the professional development and consulting needs of the members; Employing and placing ancillary therapy providers; Designing and implementing the company's social networking and media outreach  
Christopher Barker 
Business strategy; Trends analysis; Company message development; Strategic market positioning; Executive coaching/speechwriting; IPOs; Mergers and acquisitions; Crisis communications; Issues management; Government relations; Media and analyst relations; Social media management/outreach and measurement and analytics; Senior business, communications and public policy leadership; Business strategy; Trends analysis; Company message development; Strategic market positioning; Executive coaching/speechwriting; Crisis communications; Issues management; Government relations; Media and analyst relations; Social media management, measurement and analytics  
JeanMarie Baron 
Design and implementation of galas, events and exhibits  
Sheila Batchelder 
New recipe introduction; Menu development  
Denyse Bauer 
Psychiatry; Psychology; Personal development; Law of attraction; EFT; LOA; Empowerment; Relationships  
Monica Benavides 
Project, stakeholder and contract management; Construction; Interior design and architecture; Business strategy; Property and health care development; Medical practice; Negotiations; Leadership  
Ellary Blair 
Crystalline pottery  
Carrie Bloedorn 
Bringing western standards into many countries including South Africa, India, Thailand and Nepal  
Tanya Blowe 
Writing; Motivational speaking  
Tina Bognar 
Laboratory management  
Therese Boisvert 
Education; Computer systems  
David Bole 
Business development; Acquisitions, divestments, deal sourcing, strategic planning, and building relationships  
Julianna Bonola 
Addictions; Anxiety and depression; Childhood trauma; Relationship counseling; Domestic and family violence; Eating disorders; Marriage counseling; Post traumatic stress disorder  
Sheldon Braaten 
Treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders  
Allen Brennecke 
Agricultural law; Business law; Contracts; Real estate; Taxation; Wills, trusts, estate planning and probate law  
Maya Brewster-Dorian 
Personal and professional growth  
Lindell Bridges 
Unconventional resources  
Randy Briggs 
International logistics; Offshore experience; Turnaround  
Michael Brockman 
Program development and production  
John Brown 
Business development and growth  
Muriel Brown 
Ms. Brown's expertise is in the supervision of nutrition service workers.  
Rick Brown 
Transparent law enforcement internal affairs; Police accountability processes; Monitoring; Diversity initiatives; Community engagement and training; Specialized accountability  
Richard Bruton 
Investment returns; Capital growth; Tax-effective multi-generational preservation and transfer of wealth  
Debbie Burgermeister 
Online coaching; Horseriding instruction; Ability to explain things; Passion for horses  
Joe Byers 
Quantitative finance and analytics  

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